Acquisition Complete: Wilson Conservation Area

Mature Forest in the Wilson Conservation Area

The DHC has acquired the 137-acre Wilson Conservation Area! The deal was finalized on November 15, 2019. This is a key acquisition in the 5-year plan because it provides a perfect spot for a new trailhead and a good connection all the way to the Rocks of Sharon (Big Rock). The property also has high value as wildlife habitat and features views over the Palouse.

The property is not yet open to the public, as there are no public access points. However, there are plans to add a trail and trailhead to the property, and DHC members will be able to tour the property with Jeff Lambert on an availability basis.

The DHC would like to thank everyone who donated and helped us match the WWRP grant of $800,000. Your support has helped us add this beautiful property to the Dishman Hills for permanent protection.