Nimbus Knob Graffiti Removed!

Ranger Bryant Robinson (left) and Ken Horn (right)


Using equipment from the DHR and Spokane County Parks, hardworking volunteers Steve Anischenko, Ken Horn, and Tom Water assisted Ranger Bryant Robinson of Spokane County Parks in cleaning up the graffiti at Nimbus Knob. They used a sand blaster and were able to remove nearly all the graffiti from the area in an environmentally-friendly way. Thanks to these great volunteers, Nimbus Knob looks a lot better now!

The DHC Stewardship Committee is developing a Trail Steward program as an opportunity for volunteers to be part of a regular patrol that will provide monitoring and reporting of issues on trails. Trail Stewards will also educate users on trail use and nature topics. Training and equipment will be provided.

To see pictures of the Nimbus Knob Cleanup, Click Here.