Phillips Creek Trailhead Construction Begins

Photo by Colin Mulvany, The Spokesman-Review

Spokane County started the Phillips Creek Trailhead construction in mid-May and plans to open the new trailhead this summer. The DHC nominated the Flying L Ranch in 2016 and the County purchased the 179-acre property in 2018 using Conservation Futures monies.

The County Commissioners authorized the use of the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) monies to pay for 92% of the trailhead cost and Conservation Futures funds for the rest. By using REET monies, more funds in the Conservation Futures program are available other projects.

The trailhead parking will be paved, with 20 parking spots and room for expansion. DHC’s Art Zack was instrumental in Spokane County’s decision to incorporate webcams in this and other trailheads to provide security and as a way to check parking availability before driving to the trailhead. CLICK HERE to check out trailhead webcams!

The County approved a trail system designed by Lynn Smith of the Spokane Mountaineers. DHC advocated for a trail system that minimizes trespassing, connects to the existing Glenrose trails, and protects sensitive habitat. Many volunteers are helping build the new trail. The Spokane Mountaineers, Washington Trails Association, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, and DHC all helped with the trail work.

Until the trailhead is open, please stay away. Check out our MAPS page to see other trailheads that are currently open for your enjoyment. 

To make a donation to DHC in support of trail building and maintenance, visit our DONATE NOW page.