Sagebrush Buttercup (Ranunculus glaberrimus)

Do you know about Sagebrush Buttercups (Ranunculus Glaberrimus)? There are over 80 varieties of buttercups, and most are very hard to tell apart. This species, native in Eastern Washington, usually blooms in April and is poisonous when eaten raw; however, its seeds were ground into meal or flour as a traditional food source. Buttercups also provide an important source of food for the Blue Grouse, a species of forest-dwelling bird native to the Rocky Mountains.

Another fun fact: Buttercups are heliotropic, which means their flowers follow the sun over the course of the day. Have you seen flowers in your neighborhood? CLICK HERE to check out Weekly Challenge #1 from Dishman Hills Conservancy!

The Sagebrush Buttercup