Valentine's Day Art Adventure

An Original, Impressionist, Oil Painting by L.R. Montgomery

L.R. Montgomery, DHC’s own Artist in Residence, held a special art show benefitting the Conservancy on Valentine’s Day, 2020. The Valentine’s Day Art Adventure featured over 50 original, landscape paintings of the Dishman Hills painted by L.R. Montgomery, and he donated 35% of the proceeds from every sale to DHC.

“It’s so much fun to paint there and be part of this organization, that my art can be indicative of what I love to do,” said Montgomery. The event was well attended, and DHC Staff and Board members enjoyed meeting with attendees to hear stories about what the Dishman Hills Natural Areas mean to the community.

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DHC extends a special thank you to L.R. and Carole Montgomery for all their hard work putting on the art show, and to everyone who came out and supported local art and conservation efforts in the Hills.